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Details Cognitive-Psychology-and-Instruction

Cognitive Psychology and Instruction This best-selling text uses cognitive psychology research to inform and improve classroom instruction. The new edition is keenly focused on the applications of cognitive psychology specific to education, teaching ...

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Details Instructions-for-British-Servicemen-in-Germany-1944-Instructions-for-Servicemen

Nine-and-a-half months after D-Day, 30,000 British troops crossed the Rhine as part of the Allied assault on Germany. Two years earlier, work had already started on a guide to assist them in negotiating everyday life in what then was still enemy ...

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Details Basic-Instructions-Volume-1-Help-Is-on-the-Way

Basic Instructions Volume 1: Help Is on the Way

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Details The-Pregnancy-Instruction-Manual-Essential-Information-Troubleshooting-Tips-and-Advice-for-Parents-to-Be-Owners-and-Instruction-Manual-Band-7

The prequel to the book that started it all, "The Pregnancy Instruction Manual" is a fun, informative, accessible antidote to all those scary pregnancy books out there. With the hilarious icono-techy illustrations that have made this series a standout ...

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Details The-Instruction-Living-the-Life-Your-Soul-Intended

Instruction With the help of high-level spirit guides, a unique voice in contemporary spirituality presents this step-by-step manual for realizing personal fulfillment . "The Instruction" takes readers through ten doorways to unveil the life plan ...

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Details Beyond-Differentiated-Instruction

Beyond Differentiated Instruction Going beyond the theory of differentiation to actual classroom practice, this book presents a 10-step framework, examples, and classroom-ready tools for putting differentiation into action. Full description

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Details Design-of-Energy-Efficient-Application-Specific-Instruction-Set-Processors

Design of Energy-Efficient Application-Specific Instruction Set Processors After a brief introduction to low-power VLSI design, the design space of ASIP instruction set architectures (ISAs) is introduced with a special focus on important features for ...

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Details Piano-For-Dummies-Book-Online-Video-Audio-Instruction

Play the Piano today with an easy-to-use instruction set. Piano For Dummies - 3rd Edition is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking fundamental Piano instruction. Whether you're brand new to the Piano or have been at it awhile, Piano For Dummies ...

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Details Physical-Activity-Instruction-Of-Older-Adults

Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults Presents the competency-based objectives fitness instructors should know to lead safe and effective physical activity programs for older adults. Full description

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Details Teaching-Students-to-Write-Argument-The-Dynamics-of-Writing-Instruction-Series

Teaching Students to Write: Argument "These books will support teachers in their understanding of designing process-based instruction and give them both useful lesson plans and a process for designing instruction on their own that follows the design ...

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Details empireposter-Dalai-Lama-Instructions-For-Life-Gre-cm-ca-305x915-Slim-Poster-NEU-

Dalai Lama Instructions For Life Größe (cm), ca. 30,5x91,5 Slim-Poster, NEU

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Details Instructions-for-Hussars-and-Light-Cavalry-Acting-as-Such-in-Time-of-War-1799

Instructions for Hussars and Light Cavalry: Acting as Such, in Time of War (1799) (Hardback)

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Details 101-Ways-to-Beat-the-Gas-Pump-The-First-in-a-Series-Instructions-for-People-Who-Do-Not-Read-Instructions

Are you frustrated with the constantly increasing price of gasoline? Did you know there are hundreds of ways to reduce your consumption of fuel and cut your fuel costs, no matter what car you drive? Andrew P. Noakes teaches you how to drive, maintain ...